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Custom Maintenance Services Knows Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you're at the right place!

CMS has the skilled personnel and equipment to handle all your landscaping needs. Whether you have a brand new development in need of initial landscaping or an established landscape layout that needs ongoing care, you need to look no further.

Landscaping We don't just do the job -- we do it right each and every time. Planting can make an enormous difference in how a commercial center is perceived by customers. Proper landscaping layout also may need to be designed with other, very important criteria in mind. This may include planting to help direct traffic, provide safety barriers, ease of cleaning, etc.

Whatever your needs, chances are that Custom Maintenance Services has done it many times before. We have a diverse clientele of landscaping customers, and have covered the complete spectrum of planting needs. If you have a firm plan in mind, we can put it into place for you. Don't have a clue? You can count on our design team to develop a landscape plan designed to fit both your property and your budget!

Landscaping In addition to upkeep of landscaping, we routinely:

  • Provide mowing services
  • Mulch and re-mulch as needed
  • Trim, prune and sculpt trees and bushes
  • Changeout plants according to seasonality
  • Clean out landscaping areas
  • Water, fertilize and evaluate status of planting
  • Other custom duties as requested by clients

Handpicking Let us know how we can assist you. Just give us a call or send us an email to tell us about your particular situation.

At Custom Maintenance Services we pledge to always try to take care of any problem that emerges for our clients. Typically, we are the only place you need to call to have virtually any type of outside maintenance or cleanup problem handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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