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Custom Maintenance Services Offers
Experience Beyond Our Years

We learned from an early age what customers want.

Michael Nawa Although CMS was started in 2000, for the previous 28 years Michael Nawa had run the successful sweeping company he founded, Industrial Grounds Maintenance (IGM). In the late 1990s, Michael realized his future goals were at odds with those of his financial backer, his late father, Andrew.

At that point, Michael brought combined his sweeper management expertise with the general maintenance capabilities of Custom Maintenance Services, which was owned by his wife, Judy. Today, CMS is a 100% woman-owned company approaching 40 employees and $2 million in annual sales.

In terms of philosophy, Custom Maintenance Services is first and foremost a sweeping contractor. All other work flows from that. The company's wide variety of pavement maintenance and other services are not marketed to customers who aren't sweeping customers. The management philosophy at CMS is to work with client companies that want a long-term vendor relationship, rather than being focused on getting their parking lot swept at the least possible cost. Although CMS is competitive in its sweeping and other services, we prefer to work with the many managers who want a level of service that makes their properties stand out, as well as have the best long-run cost of operation.

All CMS' employees are cross-trained to perform a variety of work, from sweeping to line striping. Of these, 10 are dedicated sweeper operators who run nightly sweeping routes for our customers, which number approximately 100 properties, mostly strip malls.

We also have a four-person crew that fills cracks and repairs pavement, a two-person line striping crew, two landscaping crews, a night supervisor, two office workers, two estimators, and one sales person. We are a Founding Member and on the Advisory Board of the World Sweeping Association, as well as a signator to WSA's Ethics in Power Sweeping initiative. We are equally proud to be a member of the National Federation of Independent Business.

In September of 2012 Custom Maintenance Services was the featured contractor at, and in 2004 the recipient of the coveted national Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping.

"I am a firm believer in the value of working closely with our industry," says Michael, "in order to gain knowledge about the latest techniques and equipment. We are also committed to taking what might be called 'the moral high road' in how our company is operated. That's a trait I believe is sorely lacking in many of today's companies, especially in the service and contracting fields."

Let us know how we can assist you. Just give us a call or send us an email to tell us about your particular situation. A specialist in your area of need will meet with you to provide you with a free assessment.

At Custom Maintenance Services we pledge to always try to take care of any problem that emerges for our clients. Typically, we are the only place you need to call to have virtually any type of outside maintenance or cleanup problem handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Custom Maintenance Services is located at 8 Everlast Drive, Newville, PA, 17241.
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